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Stacy Valentine
Stacy Valentine
Most pornstars start in this business because they are A-rate sluts who dreamt of turning their obsession for cock into a career. Not Stacy Valentine. She has a different story to tell. Her husband told the blonde bimbo to get some fake titties and do some nude modeling. Well, he made a huge mistake, because she found her calling. Within a week, Stacy knew her passion was in hardcore porn, so she dumped her husband and went after better and bigger crotch sausages. She climbed to the top of the business almost as quickly as she entered it, and the public simply loved her (it is no mystery why). This slut has the perfect all-American ‘90s look, with fine pumped-up DD knockers, a body as fit as a gym instructor’s, and a face with juicy lips ready for sucking dick. If you thought you’d be turned on by her looks, wait till you see her videos. Stacy was among the first who loved to do DP, anal, and ass-to-mouth trains onscreen. For Stacy, nothing was too weird, too big, or too crazy. Within four years of entering the business, she took home the XRCO award for Best New Starlet, the FOXE awards for Best Female Performer, and the Hot D'Or award for Best American Starlet. Stacy is simply a legend of the ‘90s porn era. Every young aspiring starlet in the 2000s should study Stacy Valentine’s oeuvre and pay homage to her mind-blowing kinkiness.
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Рожден: 1970-08-09
Место рождения: Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Рост: 5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
Вес: 0 lbs (0 kg)
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