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Model Spotlight - Mark Rockwell

2 дней назад

по: Unknown

With the ongoing success of Pornhub's Amateur Payment Program, Pornhub's Model Spotlight will be a great way to get to know some of our biggest stars! This month, we interviewed Mark Rockwell ! He joined the Amateur Payment Program back in November 2016 and his signature POV videos have helped him reach over 23K subscribers and close to 29 million video views. Mark is our first male talent to win Amateur of the Month ! This being said, we wanted to ask him some questions!

How did you get into the industry?

Well, I first started filming around mid to late 2011. I was in the military at the time and had just gotten back from a deployment overseas. I was within 4 years of retiring from the military so I remember thinking a lot about what I was going to do once I got out. I’ve been a porn addict since I found my grandparents XXX collection in the mid 1980’s :) Soooo, I slowly started to research what it would take to just shoot my own porn. Surprisingly, it doesn’t take much! After I had a good idea of what I would need, I went online and bought most of it. I couldn't believe it as I hit the “purchase” button for my first camera, I was actually doing it! Never mind the fact that I had no idea how to use a camera or lighting (not much has changed, lol). I maxed out a credit card in order to get everything I wanted and I really didn’t have squat in savings either…I was risking everything!

Next, I reached out to models on amateur model websites and twitter. It was pretty slow going at first, not many models would work with me and I couldn’t even get a porn agency to respond to me. I applied for another credit card and took out advances just to have money to travel and pay models with (that really could have blown up in my face, I definitely don’t recommend doing that, lol). Slowly, I started to get more and more shoots and things picked up. I was selling my content on clips4sale but was still spending way more than I was earning.

Jada Stevens was the first popular pornstar that would work with me. She really helped me out! She introduced me to some of her friends and always recommended me to other girls, that was huge! Sasha Foxxx was also a huge help. The scenes she and I shot put me on the map and I really developed and fine-tuned the kind of POV scenes I wanted to make while shooting with her. All I remember doing back then was traveling all over the country with my camera and a few lights…I put so many fucking miles on my car! Since I was active duty military I worked Monday thru Friday and had my weekends off, so that’s when I would travel and shoot. Most of the time, I would drive six hours to Tampa as soon as I got off work on Friday evenings, shoot as much porn as I could while I was there, and then drive back so that I could make Monday morning formations. I was exhausted!!! But, I just kept at it. In December of 2014 my business really took off and it’s been doing great since. I am retired from the military now and film pretty girls sucking my cock full time :)

What advice would you give to someone looking to join the industry?

It may be an extremely slow process, so save up some cash and do your research.

Do you have a pornstar crush?

Not sure it’s a crush but I love having Riley Reid suck on my cock, she’s out of this world! Also, fucking Brandi Love doggy style had me on cloud 9 for quite some time! She’s amazing and her body is aces!

Who would you say is your male pornstar idol?

Peter North and Tom Byron for sure. I loved all of Pete’s scenes back in the day, his facials were crazy! Tom had a killer POV BJ series that I was addicted to!

How does it feel being the first Male to win Amateur of the Month?

It feels amazing, especially when there’s so many talented people in the Pornhub Amateur Program, I was shocked that I won.

What's the most embarrassing/funny moment that has happened to you during a porn shoot?

In one of my very first scenes I shot my wad way too early. I barely had any footage, most of it was the intro with dialogue, lol. I tried to hold out for as long as I could but the excitement of filming was too much and I BLASTED a massive load of jizz onto the models face and up her nose, haha.

If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be?

I would smash Jennifer Connelly’s vagina into oblivion before blowing a massive load of jizz down her throat :)

How did you hear about Pornhub’s Amateur Payment Program?

I heard about it from another amateur producer, Lady Fyre. Be sure to check out her verified Pornhub account!

What is your favorite…

Blondes or Brunettes? Brunettes, but blondes can get it too :)
Boobs or Butt? I’m an ass guy I suppose.
Category on Pornhub? Blowjobs of course!
Sex position? Doggy! There’s nothing better than hitting it from behind :) I really feel like I own that ass from that position, lol.
Type of video to film? POV Blowjob
Thing about Pornhub? Interacting with fans and other amateurs.
Video on your account? Probably “MHBHJ - Aria” Aria was amazing and I just thought it turned out beautifully.

Thank you so much Mark! xo

3some2017 : Model Contest Winners!

6 дней назад

по: Mia

Thank you for all the steamy threesome videos :) We received so many great entries!

Time to announce the #3SOME2017 contest winners, but first here's a quick reminder of the prizes!


1st Place : $1000 + Pornhub Cap, Hoodie, Leggings, Thong & Sport Bra

2nd Place : $500 + Pornhub Hoodie, Sport Bra & Thong

3rd Place : $250 + Pornhub Crop Top & Thong

We couldn't decide who should win third place since there were so many amazing videos to choose from, therefor we decided there should be two 3rd place winners!

First Winner: johnnyandkissa in Cheerleader Three way Hardcore Fuck!

Second Winner LadyFyre in Mom Made Me Impregnate Aunt Mallory!

Second Place goes to JadeJordan in her first threesome video!!

And the 1st Place for the 3SOME2017 contest goes to FuckingHippies! This hot duo is are even hotter in a threesome!!

Here’s the naughty video that helped them win first place. Subscribe to FuckingHippies to see more of their smoking hot videos.

Congratulations to all of our winners! Keep up the great work everyone!

Join the Amateur Payment Program and make a name for yourself too.

Want to all see the hot #3SOME2017 Video contest entries?

Click the button below to see our playlist!

Watch the 3SOME2017 Videos!


Meet Dick and Jane

1 неделю назад

по: ARIA

Meet Dick and Jane, making their first appearance for St Patrick’s Day!Enjoy!!

Panda sex

1 неделю назад

по: ARIA

Ever wonder why Pandas are nearly extinct? I know I sure have, and it's a sad fact of life. They're just not that horny and they're too busy eating and sleeping, which to be honest I can really relate to. Fear not though, because Pornhub has come up with a way to save the earth YET AGAIN! Grab a buddy and start creating your very own Panda sex, and upload it to the site! The goal is to create enough content to donate to Zoologists so that they can share the love with these beloved creatures. For every upload to the Panda porn section as well as views to this category, Pornhub will donate to the Panda conservation society. If you're lacking inspiration, please feel free to check out our very own Panda porn given to you by our friends Keiran Lee, Kimmy Granger and Nicole Aniston. Happy humping!!

Amateur of the Month February 2017

2 недель назад

по: Mia

It's our favorite time of the month! It's time to announce the February winners!

Want to be eligible to win next month? Join our Amateur Program to start uploading your videos and get paid!

Without further ado, here are the winners!

The February Amateur of the Month is Mark_Rockwell! Congratulations!

Mark has reached over 18 thousand subscribers and over 21 million video views.

Check out some of the mind blowing videos that help him win the crown!

Our AOM winners will receive a free one year membership to Pornhub Premium!!

Pornhub Premium gives users additional access to full, uncut HD scenes all within an ad free environment.

Congrats to our Newcomer of the Month for February 2017 is Hoshino9412!

This sexy vixen joined the program 2 month ago and has gained over 12 thousand subscribers and over 3 million video views! Check out some of her naughty videos below!

Here are our Top 5 Videos of the Month for February 2017

1st Place - $250 - goes to - GF sucks and have cum in mouth. WHILE the step sister "Game of thrones" se - teacher_of_magic

2nd Place - $200 - goes to - Sleeping Teen Stepsister Wakes Up to a Hard Cock - VampireCollective

3rd Place - $150 - goes to - LindseyLove's Valentine's Day Adventure - LindseyLove

4th Place - $100 - goes to - Beautiful Sex with JennyBlighe - JennyBlighe

5th Place - $50 - goes to - Sexy teen in white stockings loves big cock - Amadani

Congratulations to all of our winners! Keep up the great work guys!


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