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Anyone wanna make a movie with me?
загрузил(а) новых видео: 4
1 минуту назад
написал(-а) сообщение
I sometimes like a guy with a beer belly! It rubs on my clit when he's fucking me! So HOT!!!!!
загрузил(-а) 9 новых фотографий
6 минут назад
загрузил(а) новых видео: 9
8 минут назад
написал(-а) сообщение

SL yiff video raffle!!

hello my dears so the Finale of my Halloween series is coming to a end i hope you all enjoyed them and as a result i am a whopping 90 subscribers on Porn Hub so as a result i like to hold a raffle for two lucky individuals to be featured in full worked on free video i have some rules i must make clear to avoid conflict
1.There will be one dom/top and one sub/bottom
2. Winners must agree and willing to play with each other
3. no Humans, sorry sl doesn't have nice looking humans
4. you do NOT need a sl to participate, i will take refs and create a mod in SL i will own the Created av but not the character its based off i will give credit to owner, i will not have people in sl pose for me i will remake a av for the video i do not tolerate rough looking av's
5. you may use another furry character such as renamon a pokemon etc etc, but as for original characters i require proof it belongs to you such as a full art gallery on a FA profile thats register on the raffle or consent of the person that owns that character
6. If one person does not agree to play with a selective character then they may withdraw and i will pick another winner if both wont drop then il re-roll
7.its not gender lock all genders welcome straight lesbian bi gay etc etc (tho no ferals sadly)
8. when you enter please put "the squishy boob" to know i know you have read the rules and i will give you a number and put your preference as in bottom/top dom/sub please and gender
9. you can gain one extra chance in the raffle if you post a journal on your page to this journal i must see it and i will give a number
10: must provide clear clean ref sheets or sl people must show at specific date and time if won
-Full length video of at least 8 minutes
-HD quality of video yiff and animation
-with full story intro of the winners meeting at the new updated Blackheart Warehouse and will play there
-HD music in background
-Feature animated picture will be hanged in the Warehouse on display to everyone walking in
-Custom poses the winner want aka BJ, missionary, cowgirl etc etc
- Getting free porn i don't know what else you can possibly want?
загрузил(а) новых видео: 2
15 минут назад
написал(-а) сообщение
dripping in pussyjuice xoxo
загрузил(а) новых видео: 1
21 минут назад
загрузил(а) новых видео: 7
25 минут назад
загрузил(а) новых видео: 3
34 минут назад
загрузил(а) новых видео: 10
34 минут назад
загрузил(а) новых видео: 9
38 минут назад
загрузил(а) новых видео: 32
47 минут назад
написал(-а) сообщение
Anyone fun online?
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