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Sandra Shine
Sandra Shine
Dark days have finally passed, because Sandra Shine is here to brighten our lives, stiffen our pricks, and moisten our cooters. Sandra is a bright ray of hotness beamed right from her great tits and lovely pussy, and directly into our perverted minds and tightly knit scrotes. She’s one of the invading hordes of Hungarian mistresses who will probably one day take over the world by seducing armies and subduing leaders with her vaginal powers. At this point, Sandra focuses her career on two things: masturbating and lesbian action. When she runs her long, dexterous fingers between her shiny, slithering pussy lips, it’s like staring into the eye of paradise. She really makes herself moan, and you can see the oozing goodness spill from her hole when she uses her fun assortment of toys. Then, it’s time to invite over some of her girly pals. The way her chick-friends go down on Sandra’s pussy, you’d think there was Champagne in there, but her twat-sweat is probably tastier. These girls can’t get enough of Sandra’s body, which is why she does fuck scenes almost every minute of the day. Getting her filthy start at 20 years old, Sandra kept up the hard work for over 10 years to build herself an empire of solo-play scenes and girl-on-girl fuck fun. She’s worked with every major studio from both sides of the Atlantic and maintains a healthy collection of footage on her website, too.
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Рожден: 1981-09-09
Место рождения: Budapest, Hungary
Рост: 5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Вес: 126 lbs (57 kg)
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