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Kasey Chase
When a young piece of fresh fuck-able fruit comes running along, better get on the chase, and we’re talking about Kasey Chase. This flowering starlet is just getting started but her name is already making ball-sacks blush and labia swell the world over. She’s got the face of a teen angel who’s just knocking on hell’s door for a little bit of sinful fun. Her pale skin is sweet like coconut milk, and you could tongue-fuck every inch of her fresh, virginal body… OK, maybe not virginal, but Kacey does love to fuck, just as much as she loves playing with toys. She’s got these perky little bee-sting tits that make guys and girls want to nibble until her sensitive nipples turn white. Also, there’s nobody around – guy or girl – who wouldn’t donate a kidney just to feel her firm ass flesh between their teeth. Kacey knows how to play up her teen-fantasy looks, like when she rolls down some pants and gets an eyeful of a man’s erect pipe; her eyes go wide with nervous excitement. When Kacey starts crawling down between one of her girlfriend’s thighs to open up that sweaty fuck flower, you sense Kacey’s tense anticipation to swallow up those feminine secretions. This Michigan girl has mixed European and Native blood, giving her just a hint of something foreign, although she easily masters the domestic familiarity with her own vagina using her hands or any number of toys.
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