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We know what most of you intelligent porn lovers out there must think when you think about Classical Greek Mythology. Greeks were really into anal sex, right? Well, the slut star Cytheria, who takes her name from ancient Greek, certainly has a famous hankering for getting her butt deeply stuffed. She proved this back with her ass-smashing hit "Cytherea’s Anal Whores" right when she was just stretching her holes at the beginning of her career. Movies like this are how Cytheria perfected such a signature style of depravity, with moves like the anal cream pie cum swap. This girl pushes jizz from her butthole that she’d gladly slurp down with a friend. Since then, she’s had her every hole fully filled with every size, shape and color of guy stick. Her pussy is also famous for showing its appreciation in getting cock attention. Cytheria is one of porn kingdom’s leading pussy-juice shooters. She’s such a big squirter that the film crew always shows up in raincoats. She’s covered some lesbians in so much squirt that their naked bodies glistened like lubed-up sex dolls. For this, she’s been given the honor of being Elegant Angel’s ‘Squirtwoman’, and has also been called the Goddess of Gush. So, getting back to her name. She might claim it means Love and Beauty in ancient Greek, but we think it might specifically mean the Love of Fucking and The Beauty of Cumming, because that’s what Cytheria means to us.
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Рожден: 1981-09-27
Место рождения: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Рост: 5 ft 3 in (160 cm)
Вес: 106 lbs (48 kg)
Порнозвезды, вместе с которыми снималась(-ся) Cytheria
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