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Последние новости из блога Pornhub

3some 2017 : Verified Amateur Contest

3 недель назад

по: Mia


Upload your best threesome videos (Lesbian, straight or gay) for a chance to win cash prizes and some cool Pornhub gear!

Videos must be in the threesome category and have the tag 3some2017 in order to be eligible.



- Upload your steamiest threesome videos for a chance to win $$$$

- Videos can include all types of actions, as long as threesome sex is the main theme

- Videos must be in the threesome category and have the tag 3some2017 in order to be eligible

- Previously uploaded videos are not eligible for the contest

- You can enter the contest multiple times


-1st Place : $1000 + Pornhub Cap, Hoodie, Leggings, Thong & Sport Bra

-2nd Place : $500 + Pornhub Hoodie, Sport Bra & Thong

-3rd Place : $250 + Pornhub Crop top & Thong


Contest open to all Verified members (Lesbian straight or gay). Not verified yet? Get Verified!

Not a Verified amateur yet? Join our Amateur Payment Program & make $$

Selection and tracking for the contest will be based on the use of the 3some2017 tag.

Inaccurately titled/tagged/categorized content will not be eligible to win.

Contest closes on the 15th of March 2017 at midnight EST.

Good luck everyone!!

~ Mia

Want to all see the hot #3some2017 Video contest entries?

Click the button below to see our playlist. Be sure to click "like" and comment on your favorite videos! New videos will be added every day, so check back often!

Watch the 3some2017 Videos!

Amateur of the Month January 2017

3 недель назад

по: Mia

It's our favorite time of the month! It's time to announce the January winners!

Want to be eligible to win next month? Join our Amateur Program to start uploading your videos and get paid!

Without further ado, here are the winners!

The January Amateur of the Month is LindseyLove! Congratulations!

This cutie has reached over 68 thousand subscribers and over 47 million video views, 15 million of which in January alone!

Check out some of the videos that she has uploaded to help her win the crown!

Our AOM winners will receive a free one year membership to Pornhub Premium!!

Pornhub Premium gives users additional access to full, uncut HD scenes all within an ad free environment.

Congrats to our Newcomer of the Month for January 2017 is Mark_Rockwell!

Mark Rockwell joined the program 3 month ago and has gained over 7 thousand subscribers and over 5 million video views! Check out some of his videos below!

Here are our Top 5 Videos of the Month for January 2017

1st Place - $250 - goes to - Sleeping Teen Stepsister Wakes Up to a Hard Cock - VampireCollective

2nd Place - $200 - goes to - Hardcore Sex with LindseyLove - LindseyLove

3rd Place - $150 - goes to - Beautiful Sex with JennyBlighe - JennyBlighe

4th Place - $100 - goes to - Tight teen gets creampied by big dick - Amadani

5th Place - $50 - goes to - I forgot i wasn't suppose to let him cum in me. I'm such a slut, lol - AllyTheCat

Congratulations to all of our winners! Keep up the great work guys!


Bad Milfs

3 недель назад

по: ARIA

Growing up, there's always that one hot milf in the neighborhood. She might have invited you over for dinner, or even given you a kiss on the cheek, but thats about it. Did she ever leave you wishing for more? Well this isnt your everyday neighborhood. This is BADMILFS territory!Make sure to visit their Pornhub channel for all their insane videos! Today we got lucky with this gem about a lovely mom named Reena who needs to help her son Alex out. He's trying to get with his girlfriend but hes just not experienced enough. Well Reena knows what to do! Check out how she helps him grow! Thanks Ma!

ButtLove2016 : Amateur Contest Winners!

1 месяц назад

по: Mia

Thank you for all the hot ButtLove2016 videos.

So many great entries!

Time to announce the ButtLove2016 contest winners, but first here's a quick reminder of the prizes!


-1st Place $500 + Anal toy kit + Pornhub PremiumRub lube

-2nd Place $250 + Anal toy kit + Pornhub PremiumRub lube

-3rd Place $100 + Anal toy Kit + Pornhub PremiumRub lube

The 2nd runner up is LisichkaMila in Public Anal sex in ski lift. Ass creampie!

The 1st runner up is Maryjane_Auryn in her First Anal Creampie !!

And the 1st place of the ButtLove2016 contest goes to danika_mori! This sexy Bombshell can take it like a champ!

Here’s the naughty video that helped her win the crown. Subscribe to danika_mori to see more of her hot videos.

Congratulations to all of our winners! Keep up the great work everyone!

Join the Amateur Program and make a name for yourself too.

Want to all see the hot #ButtLove2016 Video contest entries?

Click the button below to see our playlist!

Watch the ButtLove2016 Videos!


Amateur of the Year 2016

1 месяц назад

по: brett

The time has come to announce our new Amateur of the Year!

She started with us on Pornhub in July 2015. With her hard work, she has proven to be unstoppable and she continues growing her empire. With an amazing talent for blowjobs, you can't get enough of her!

The Amateur of the Year award for 2016 goes to cameroncanela!

Congrats to our sexy cameroncanela! Our 2016 Pornhub Amateur Of The Year. Winner of the $10000 prize.
She has reached an amazing 102,751 Subscribers and 124,143,246 Video Views.

Check out some of the videos submitted this year that contributed to cameroncanela winning the crown.

Our Newcomer of Year, winner of $2000 was chosen amongst the past winners of Newcomer of the Month in 2016.

This 24 year old hottie continues to BLOW US AWAY... Congratulations to LittleOralAndie. This cutie has reached 84,397 Subscribers and 86,264,947 Video Views!

Check out some of the videos submitted this year that contributed to LittleOralAndie winning the title!

Last but not least, here are our Top 5 Videos of the Year 2016

1st Place - $2500 - goes to - Beautiful Sex with JennyBlighe - JennyBlighe

2nd Place - $2000 - goes to - son fuck his slutty step mother - Fell-onProductions

3rd Place - $1500 - goes to - Begging My Friends Husband For Anal - BrittneyBlaze

4th Place - $1000 - goes to - Awesome Slutbot Mommy: Women Taking orders w Mandy Flores - MandyFlores

5th Place - $500 - goes to - Step Brother threatens to tell parents about porn to fuck step sister - CameronCanela

Because it was such a close competition, we decided to add a top 6.

6th Place - $400 - goes to - Eye Rolling Clit Orgasm - Blonde Girl Fucked After School - Maryjane_Auryn

Congratulations to all of our winners!


On behalf of all of us at the Pornhub Team, we want to give a BIG thank you to all of our amateurs. The Amateur Program has been such a huge success thanks to all of you. Your hard work and passion is the reason why we are here, constantly growing and evolving due to your great feedback and dedication! Keep up the great work. Many great changes to the program will be coming in 2017.

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