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Link SnapCentro and Pornhub!

2 недель назад

по: TaylorLynn

Make money by monetizing your users and fans with your Snapchat by linking your Snapcentro account. SnapCentro is a model and influencers tool to monetize a fan base through premium private SnapChat. SnapCentro connects you, the model and influencers of the social media world, with admiring and passionate fans.

By linking your Pornhub and SnapCentro accounts, you will grow your traffic and expose many new potential fans to your profiles on both networks. This in turn, will help you generate more earnings! You can link your Pornhub account on your SnapCentro profile to get additional subscribers to your Pornhub profile. Scroll to section C.

A) How to join SnapCentro

SnapCentro has provided us a walk through tutorial on how to join!

Have an account with Model Centro? You can log into SnapCentro with your Model Centro credentials.

Their live chat support can help you if you have any issues.

B) How to link your Pornhub profile to your SnapCentro profile

1. Log into your account on Pornhub.com. If you don’t have an account sign up and come back to this step once you have verified your email address.

2. - Go to the My Account link at the top right of the page (by clicking the arrow next to your avatar) and choose settings from the dropdown menu.

3. Click the + sign next to Personal Information to expand the section.

4. Enter your SnapCentro username, for example "SexyMia"

5. Click Submit! You will see confirmation that your SnapCentro username has been added.

C) How To Set Up Your SnapCentro Profile To Link To Your Pornhub Profile

1. Go to SnapCentro and log into your account.
If you don’t have an account, check out the Walk Through Tutorial, create an account and then return to this step.

2. Now that you have a SnapCentro Profile, click on your Influencer Login link at the BOTTOM of the SnapCentro home page.

3. Find your "About Me - My Links section. Tap the PENCIL ICON next to the Pornhub menu item.

4. Enter your Pornhub Username.

When your unique Pornhub username has been added successfully, it will display as follows:

Congratulations! You have now unleashed the power of SnapCentro on to your Pornhub profile page.

Scholarship:Women in tech

2 недель назад

по: ARIA

Congrats to our winner Natalie Nevarez!! She is the winner of our 2nd annuel $25k Pornhub Cares Scholarship for women in STEM. Natalie is currently a student at the University of Michigan getting her PHD in biopsychology. Shes studying neurobiology of both monogamy and polygamy and how social relationships can buffer from the effects of drug addiction. HIGHLY interesting shit!Check out our video with Pornhub Aria letting Natalie know she won!!


3 недель назад

по: ARIA

Dyked.com is an exclusive ALL GIRL website dedicated to strong, powerful women showing inexperienced submissive teens what a real lesbian is. In this exclusive video given to us Emma Hix is a hot dumb skank that has absolutely no idea how to wash a car. She clearly isn‘t that interested in actually washing the car. She definitely wants to make herself the slut whore spectacle of the neighborhood. She gets wet and flashes very skimpy panties while soaked in a white t-shirt. Make sure to subscribe to their channel!!Enjoy!

Fake driving school

3 недель назад

по: ARIA

Looking for the most bang for your buck when it comes to driving schools? Look no further than FakeDrivingSchool.com where “hands on training” is given new meaning courtesy of horny instructors who love to fuck on the go!This certainly never happened to learning how to drive from my instructor (shut out to Morty you sick son of a bitch). In this special exlusive video we have little Stella( STELLLLAAAAA) wants to pass her exam and is determined to do so. She sluts it up in order to succeed, a good life lesson IMO. Check out the exclusive vid and subscribe to their channel!

Amateur Model of the Month March 2017

3 недель назад

по: Mia

It's our favorite time of the month! It's time to announce the March winners!

Want to be eligible to win next month? Join our Model payment Program to start uploading your videos and get paid!

Without further ado, here are the winners!

The March Amateur Model of the Month is LittleOralAndie! Congratulations!

Andie has reached over 100 thousand subscribers and 100 million video views!!

Check out some of her mind blowing videos that helped her win the crown!

Our AOM winners will receive a free one year membership to Pornhub Premium!!

Pornhub Premium gives users additional access to full, uncut HD scenes all within an ad free environment.

Congrats to our Newcomer of the Month for March 2017 is MattieDoll!

This insatiable redhead joined the program a month ago and has since gained over 18 thousand subscribers and over 4 million video views! Check out some of her hot videos below!

Here are our Top 5 Videos of the Month for March 2017

1st Place - $250 - goes to - ALIX LYNX - BLACKMAILED BY DAD - AlixLynxOfficial

2nd Place - $200 - goes to - Young hipster slut blackmailed for a quick pump and dump - Mark_Rockwell

3rd Place - $150 - goes to - Highschool Chronicles - Highschool Girl Orgasms For The First Time!! - ScarlettKnightley

4th Place - $100 - goes to - Beautiful Sex with JennyBlighe - JennyBlighe

5th Place - $50 - goes to - D.va gets play of the game - Amadani

Congratulations to all of our winners! Keep up the great work guys!

PLEASE NOTE that starting next month the prizes will be divided between Professional and Amateur Models as we stated in the Blog Post Announcement!


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