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Последние новости из блога Pornhub

We have a winner!!

6 лет назад

Just wanted to pop by and announce the official winner of the Pornhub Body Shot Contest!Sifting through weeks of interesting and sexy submissions made for a tougher job than I expected!!

While we had some pretty funny submissions this seriously sexy shot took the cake (and our hearts/crotches)

Congratulations to 'Madame Stephanie' for your delectable entry! As winner you will receive a three month Pornhub Premium Membership along with a $20.00 gift code to our Pornhub Clothing Store!!

Thanks again to all those who entered!

Convicted to making your dick bigger and your pussy wet,

Jordan Pornhub

Top 5 Sexiest Oiled Up Videos

6 лет назад

There is something about an oiled up body that seems to make girls (and guys!) go wild. Not only does it make everything wetter...it also seems to make everything, better. I have compiled my Top 5 favorite Oiled up videos for your fapping *cough* I mean, viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

1.Roxy Reynolds Oiled Up and Fucked

This is one of the first videos I ever watched on Pornhub (even back then I had excellent taste ;) Though it's fairly low budget Roxy and her partner in crime make up for it with some grade A, oiled up grinding!

Roxy Reynolds oiled up and fucked brought to you by PornHub

2. Asa Oiled Up And Fucked Hard

How can you not love Asa!? From footjobs to extreme lube action this intelligent beauty shows us all of the benefits of oil play in the video below

Asa Akira Oiled Up & Fucked Hard brought to you by PornHub

3. Oil, Oil and More Oil with Trina

Oil soaked panties and breasts? Apparently the combination makes both Trina AND us viewers verrrry happy!

Oil, Oil And More Oil With Trina Michaels brought to you by PornHub

4.Jessica Oiled Phat Ass Jammed

Jessica proves to us that tons of oil can do no harm!! One of its grooviest effects is its ability to highlight ones finest features. In this case, some juicy booty!

Jessica Lynn oiled phat ass jammed brought to you by PornHubht

5.Oiled up Ebony Babe

This is video has made the list not only for oiled up booty factor but also for the air mattress idea.

Oiled Up Ebony brought to you by PornHub

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Jordan Pornhub

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