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We are now exporting Verified Amateur videos to YouPorn.

What does this mean? It’s an opportunity to increase your amateur earnings!

No need to worry about re-uploading! Your content uploaded to Pornhub will automatically be exported to Youporn. The Migration will take up to a month. If your videos are not transferred yet, Do not worry, they will be eventually.

*** Please do not upload the videos to youporn directly, We will be transferring them automatically for you.
That is the ONLY way that they will accumulate earnings.***

We will start adding the YouPorn views to the amateurs account and add it to the earnings (in your earnings tab).

On the earnings page, you will notice that we added two new columns : "YP (Youporn) new videos" & “YP all videos”.

YP New Videos will show the earnings made via YouPorn Views on new videos exported that month.

YP All Videos will show the earnings made from all of your YouPorn exported content in that month.

Total All Time Earnings will show the combined earnings from Pornhub and YouPorn.

You will still receive one Check or Paxum deposit per month (as long as the minimum of $100 is made) with the combined earnings.

You can login to YouPorn using your Pornhub account to control/edit your profile.

Don’t want to have your content on YouPorn?

We will be adding a way to opt-out in your Amateur Settings tab, but you would be losing out on the opportunity to make extra earnings.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at models@pornhub.com


Amateur of the Month June 2016

6 месяцев назад

по: Mia

It's our favorite time of the month! It's time to announce the June winners!

Want to be eligible to win next month? Join our Amateur Program to start uploading your videos and get paid!

Without further ado, here are the winners!

The June Amateur of the Month is LucyCat! Congratulations!

With close to 20,000 subscribers and over 14 million video views, this German amateur porn star is uber hot!!

Check out some of the videos that this blonde bombshell has uploaded to help her win the crown!

Our AOM winners will receive a free one year membership to Pornhub Premium!!

Pornhub Premium gives users additional access to full, uncut HD scenes all within an ad free environment.

Congrats to our Newcomer of the Month for June 2016 MrsBoobs18

This amazing couple joined the Amateur Program at the end of May and have gained an impressive 14 thousand Subscribers and over 9 million video views! Check out some of their busty videos below!

Here are our Top 5 Videos of the Month for June 2016

1st Place - $250 - goes to - Awesome Slutbot Mommy: Women Taking orders w Mandy Flores - mandyflores

2nd Place - $200 - goes to - Beautiful GF gets fucked hard - that_txguy

3rd Place - $150 - goes to - Did he really just cum in me twice?!- AllyTheCat

4th Place - $100 - goes to - Pump Me Full Of Cum - Kawaii_Girl


Congratulations to all of our winners! Keep up the great work guys!


Too much sex CAN be a bad thing

6 месяцев назад

по: ARIA

Pornhub teamed up with PETA on the 2016 incarnation of their "Too Much Sex Can Be A Bad Thing" campaign. Our girl Riley Reid is the spokesperson and its all about raising funds and awareness for the importance of spaying and neutering your pets. Pet overpopulation is a serious issue in North America and we want to be able to help control the amount of pets being brought into this world and not being taken care of. Pornhub has pledged to help by donating 1 cent for every 2000 viewed on the site from July 7th-31st to PETA’s mobile spaying and neutering clinics. Every animal deserves a loving and safe environment and controlling the pet population is the best way to ensure that! Bob Barker knew whats up, now so do we! Check out our exclusive BTS video of the campaign shoot with mega babe Riley Reid!

Independence day

6 месяцев назад

по: ARIA

Nothing says Americas freedom quite like fucking your step brother. Kristen gets to "meet" her step brother for the first time or so she thinks, in this all American classic tale of a boy who fucked his step sister in college before knowing she was part of his family. Make sure to check out Ryan's patriotism by blowing his load all over his new sis. Thanks Family Strokes for this grade A goodness! Check it out below!

Canada day

6 месяцев назад

по: ARIA

Happy Canada Day from Pornhub to our fellow Canadians eh! Enjoy some maple syrup and be kind to one another to honor this special holiday. Enjoy 7 days of free Pornhub Premium to kick of this holiday weekend!

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